Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Day Before Labor Day

I thought that I'd go back and do a little freeform beading.
I had gotten hooked on the beaded bezel pendants that work up so easily.
I needed to get the other side of my brain working.
I decided to go with some fall colors since the weather is starting to change.
Hope you enjoy!!
Check out the Bead Art Origninals Blog for articles about some amazing bead artists.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BAO Team

I am a member of a fantastic group of artists on Etsy. It is called Bead Art Originals. I'll talk more about some of the individuals in other posts. Each week we will feature items that come with a little extra! could be free shipping, earrings, a pendant...who knows, you just have to check each out to see what is there. Take a look at the BAO blog to read more about each item.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I am exhausted!! We started back to school Wednesday, and then of course I am an official home bound cheerleader for the Olympics!! Great title, yes! I love the Olympics, the lives that these people live, to do what they do best is incredible. my throat is a little sore from yelling for my swim team last night!! The most unbelievable relay I think that I have ever seen.
Needless to say beading has take second place this last week.
Check out the team blog for great specials from the BAO team.
I'll even add to it from my store...a special that you will only read here...
Free shipping and confirmation ..on any item this week!!!