Friday, July 16, 2010

Someone is Always Watching

I love to people watch! When I was very young and would visit my grandmother, we would go in the little store on the square  and buy a bag of cashews and sit and nibble on them while we watched people on the square. Now this is totally different from buying a can and popping the lid like we do now. These babys would be laying in a tray under warming lights and the sales person would scoop them out and measure them and then slide them in the paper bag,salt everywhere!!
Now you have the picture! Then we would go out to the square, pick a bench, and just sit, nibble and watch everyone passing by.
There were always those that looked like they hated life, like they were eating dill pickles, those big pickles that you had to wrap with a napkin and still the juice would flow everywhere.
There were those parents who also got onto their children as they passed you because they thought that it would impress you.
They there were always those people that glowed, they were happy, they were joyful and shown with a sweet differentness!! That's the person That I will choose to be today, the one that chooses to live in Joy!
Remember, someone is always watching, which category will you choose to be in!

Current statement necklace is aptly named "LIVE IN JOY"

Friday, July 9, 2010


The BAO team has a showcase each week where the members can  feature one of their items. This is the mosaic for the week. All different styles, colors, and textures.... a feast for the eyes.You can click on each item separately to see an up close view and if there are specials offered by the artist. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Wandering Heart

The current color challenge for the BAO etsy team includes olive green, eggplant, and bronze. The olive green I had no problem with, the eggplant on the other hand puzzled me. I ended up going to the craft store and buying a bottle of "eggplant" paint and then matching my beads to that. I call it purple! But for the sake of the challenge my purple is the exact color of the eggplant paint!

My daughter saw this little saying and liked it so I decided to use it. It is so true, just because you look like you are wandering without out purpose or plan doesn't really mean much. If God is in control of our lives and our plans are His plans...There is a distinct path. Often others can't see it because it is narrow and on small stones instead of wide sidewalk. My heart is not lost, just on the narrow path.