Saturday, July 28, 2007

Challenge # 60

Well, I bit the bullet and participated in one of the Etsy creative challenges. This one was to create something inspired by Paris, France. I did visit Paris on a band trip while in high school!
The architecture was what totally overwhelmed me and the fact that everything was old. Here, once its 20 yrs old, its old and you tear it down and build something new.
The next thing that stood out was the language barrier.
That's where the inspiration started.
I created a cabochon out of one of those glass bubbles with a reproduction print underneath. Next I beaded a bezel out of seed beads and voila, My take on Paris. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

1 1/2 weeks untill school starts!

If you're a teacher, or an assistant like I am..Every thing moves in a time reference to school: when it starts, when we're out, when the holidays are, ect.
It has just hit me how soon we go back.
Way to busy working on the house, and putting it up for sell, I did get to do a good bit of beading, sleeping late, learning new beading stitches, and chilling out.I guess it is a good thing to get back in a routine.

Here is my latest creation.
When I saw the center stone at the bead store I knew instinctively what it needed. It was screaming to be on a beaded band as a choker.
Does that ever happen to you? You see something and it knows what it needs to be? Enjoy.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Work Space -Happy Birthday Jordan!

I'm am member of the Etsy Bloggers Street team. We are just a bunch of creative artists that have gotten into blogging about our art and our lives. We are going to be given challenges to write about,sort of like school but without the grading process!
Challenge 1 - My Workspace

The really neat thing about beading is that it is so portable!
In our dining room we serve up beads at our buffet! This is an antique buffet that a friend gave me, and I have it stocked full of beads! The book shelf beside it houses all of my books and magazines that I continually refer to. To the left is a great corner closet, more beads, miscellaneous crafts and the Shipping supplies.

Favorite place to bead, Big comfy chair in the family Room.

Computer in the Foyer, Seems like I spend as much time there as beading.
Last Picture is Wilson, constant friend and companion who offers snores instead of criticism!
When school is in, I keep a container of the latest beading project with meso that I can do work during lunch break,in the car line,during tennis practice and waiting at art lessons.

I really compacted this down all actuallity..I take up the whole house with my junk!

HAPPY 14th Birthday to my son, Jordan!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Battle Within

I often battle with what to wear, cloths wise that is.I have 2 very distinct sides. One is very laid back jeans and tank and the other side very Bohemian, layered, frilly.
I get mixed up all the time as to what to where when.
When I go out to the post office or "buying" I like to wear my jewelry.
Exposure is the best sales tactic.
I love what I make but sometimes it a little much to wear to Target or office max. Another dilemma right now is the closures for my jewelry.
I really hate to spend as much on a sterling hook as I do on the entire piece! It is really irritating to me. A lot of people really don't care that it is not sterling since they aren't pieces that will be worn every day.
BUT< to list something as base metal seems cheep or amateurish.
I'm still working on the closure thing.
I did come up with this cute little knot on leather to satisfy my craving for jewelry with jeans(read no heels) or shorts. I think that I will start a collection of Baby knots for others in the same boat.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Whew...who knew it would be so crazy and hard to get a house ready for sale.There are millions of houses up for sale and I just can't imagine that every one of those people are working this hard!!

The house is looking fantastic. they came out and took pictures the other day and most of them were incredible. They were definitely enticing enough to make you want to see the house in person!

I've been fitting a little beading in ...just for sanity sake...and to be able to list new things. I really hate to just re list an item to be seen.

This is the latest necklace that I finished/
I called the piece " Tutti Fruiti"
I'm in love with the pink, Orange, yellow combo.
I guess i need to move to another color combo soon.
Happy Sunday, dawn

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

I am very proud to be an American. God has truly bless our country.Our family will be celebrating with a little yard work and a lot of swimming in the pool! The city fireworks have been canceled because its so dry ... don't want to start any of those terrible fires!Enjoy the day and remember to pray for our country, our leaders and those in the military that make our freedoms possible.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tuesday - back to beading

House is up for sale!
going crazy trying to keep it clean!

what should I do?

I've been wanting to make this necklace for a year.
Its been in my mind trying to be created. So I finally got to it.
I named it TROPICANA.
It is full of beaded beads and beaded loops that are embellished. I use peyote stitch in most of it. There are glass beads and vintage beads mixed in. The parts are connected with sterling wire.

I did list it today on my Etsy store, but I might just have to "buy"it for myself.
I'm working on another one in the same colors but totally different style.I hope I can finish it today.

good luck with the beading today!