Wednesday, July 25, 2007

1 1/2 weeks untill school starts!

If you're a teacher, or an assistant like I am..Every thing moves in a time reference to school: when it starts, when we're out, when the holidays are, ect.
It has just hit me how soon we go back.
Way to busy working on the house, and putting it up for sell, I did get to do a good bit of beading, sleeping late, learning new beading stitches, and chilling out.I guess it is a good thing to get back in a routine.

Here is my latest creation.
When I saw the center stone at the bead store I knew instinctively what it needed. It was screaming to be on a beaded band as a choker.
Does that ever happen to you? You see something and it knows what it needs to be? Enjoy.


Carol Dean said...

I love the work you've been producing this summer. Beautiful colors, innovative approaches. You should be insanely proud!

Monkey said...

I'm an art teacher and know exactly what you mean! And though I teach and am not actually in friends/co-workers, family, etc...and I all call it going to school instead of work. Funny huh? And sometimes my mom is really generous and will buy me a couple of new outfits...not for work but for back to school. Just like when I was a kid myself! :)

Dawn Chastain said...

Monkey that is so funny, my mom will do the same thing!I usually get a "back to school" outfit from her. I know that my brothers don't get new work clothes!!!Yea, we're all in our 40's!
Yes Carol, It has been a great beading summer, sometimes I look at the things I do and say"dog, your doing good" It means a lot hearing that come from you - the Queen of Peyote!!