Monday, July 16, 2007

Work Space -Happy Birthday Jordan!

I'm am member of the Etsy Bloggers Street team. We are just a bunch of creative artists that have gotten into blogging about our art and our lives. We are going to be given challenges to write about,sort of like school but without the grading process!
Challenge 1 - My Workspace

The really neat thing about beading is that it is so portable!
In our dining room we serve up beads at our buffet! This is an antique buffet that a friend gave me, and I have it stocked full of beads! The book shelf beside it houses all of my books and magazines that I continually refer to. To the left is a great corner closet, more beads, miscellaneous crafts and the Shipping supplies.

Favorite place to bead, Big comfy chair in the family Room.

Computer in the Foyer, Seems like I spend as much time there as beading.
Last Picture is Wilson, constant friend and companion who offers snores instead of criticism!
When school is in, I keep a container of the latest beading project with meso that I can do work during lunch break,in the car line,during tennis practice and waiting at art lessons.

I really compacted this down all actuallity..I take up the whole house with my junk!

HAPPY 14th Birthday to my son, Jordan!!

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