Sunday, July 8, 2007


Whew...who knew it would be so crazy and hard to get a house ready for sale.There are millions of houses up for sale and I just can't imagine that every one of those people are working this hard!!

The house is looking fantastic. they came out and took pictures the other day and most of them were incredible. They were definitely enticing enough to make you want to see the house in person!

I've been fitting a little beading in ...just for sanity sake...and to be able to list new things. I really hate to just re list an item to be seen.

This is the latest necklace that I finished/
I called the piece " Tutti Fruiti"
I'm in love with the pink, Orange, yellow combo.
I guess i need to move to another color combo soon.
Happy Sunday, dawn


LazyTcrochet said...

Very pretty colors! That's a good idea too...taking new pictures to relist. I have contacted a girl to model for me. I have some Fall items that are in need of new pictures!

Monkey said...

Found your blog through the etsy you know the name of that little orange flower? I think I have one similar and don't know what it's called.