Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Battle Within

I often battle with what to wear, cloths wise that is.I have 2 very distinct sides. One is very laid back jeans and tank and the other side very Bohemian, layered, frilly.
I get mixed up all the time as to what to where when.
When I go out to the post office or "buying" I like to wear my jewelry.
Exposure is the best sales tactic.
I love what I make but sometimes it a little much to wear to Target or office max. Another dilemma right now is the closures for my jewelry.
I really hate to spend as much on a sterling hook as I do on the entire piece! It is really irritating to me. A lot of people really don't care that it is not sterling since they aren't pieces that will be worn every day.
BUT< to list something as base metal seems cheep or amateurish.
I'm still working on the closure thing.
I did come up with this cute little knot on leather to satisfy my craving for jewelry with jeans(read no heels) or shorts. I think that I will start a collection of Baby knots for others in the same boat.


LazyTcrochet said...

I happened to see that you like the Diana Gabaldon "Outlander" series also. They are my favorite books. I was thinking about reading them again, but Etsy has kept me busy. I added you as a contact on Flickr. It's all new to me, but it's fun.

Dawn Chastain said...

Thats funny I just started the last book for the 2nd time! I haven't found anything that compares to her.If you find anything similar thats as good let me know. dawn