Friday, June 29, 2007

For Sale - Finally

Well, We have finally done it.
Lisa came today with the sign.
This is a picture of Lisa, our agent and Keith putting the sign out.
We went and bought a few plants to sit on the porch, and have a few odds and ends to do but basically we are there!

I'm working on a custom piece and a necklace that I envisioned last year and never did. So now that I'm not painting I can bead a little bit.

Monday I'll start cleaning again.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Keith

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!
We had the real estate agents out today to list the house. We should have a sign in the front tomorrow! This is a huge step. It is our first house and we've been in it for 18 years.

While all this was going on with the house, little did I know that I was on the front page of Esty in a treasury created by schoollocker.

The necklace that was featured in the treasury sold!

Wow! Hope that the house sells that fast.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Middle of the Week

Well, I totally look like I have some weird skin disease. I painted the back porch and the upstairs porch yesterday with a brick red oil base paint. Needless to say ,I was not very neat when it came to my feet. I guess I can't wear my flip flops in public for a few days! All of the painting is finished!!!YEA!!! Today is clean the house like a maniac day. Hopefully after tomorrow I can actually spend some time beading. I sure miss my daily dose.
This piece I did a while ago.. just rephotographed it. I think that it fits with the beachy summer theme I've got going on.
i did go in and rename some of my jewelry. They weren't coming up on searches and should have. I'll check today.I just think that If you put in the exact title, it should come up!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday - Wimbledon is cutting me short

Okay, Wimbledon has started and tennis is big at our house.Needless to say it has cut into my beading time! I just finished watching an incredible match, The British guy finally won! I finished the bracelet that matches the necklace that I listed yesterday. Aptly named "Seaweed Treasures Bracelet" It makes a wonderful sound and the weight of it is perfect. Any good pirate would want it for her treasure chest.

My antique tiger lilies are blooming and I am dieing to do something in that great bright orange. Every time I lay black with it though I think of Halloween and that is definitely not the look I'm going for. I will have to think on this for a while. A lady emailed be about doing a custom piece similar to one I recently sold. So, that will be the project of the day. I told her, I could come close but I know that I can't exactly do the piece. We will see what comes out! House to be listed on Thursday.....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday - Almost there

My son Jordan did okay in his tennis tournament this weekend. He didn't win or place but we can see how his game is improving. He will play again this weekend so we'll see how he does then. For those watching the progress, we called the real estate agent and we are set to list on Wednesday afternoon.Still cleaning and doing a few touch up things but man are we close. Were praying that it sells incredibly fast!!We would love to be in a new house before school starts in August.

I just can't seem to help doing these beachy, shell pieces.I must be getting some salt air breezes during the day.( likely chance since we are at least 5 hrs. from the beach) But here is the lastest piece I listed on Etsy today.
It is intitiled " Seaweed Treasures " I wrote a catchy little poem to go with it. You can check it out on my etsy store.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday - Tennis Tournament here we come

I finished a bracelet the other night and
as I was putting beads away, I saw a shell
pendant that I had stashed away. I thought
The colors were perfect a
necklace was born. Hope you enjoy seeing these
2 pieces. Named them "coffee on the beach".

We are off to Columbus for my son Jordan's
tennis tournament. This is on clay courts
which should be interesting.I hope he does well.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday -totally Terrific

Wow! I am so blessed and honored that people are taking notice of my beadwork. Each piece of beadwork that I do really is an extension of me. There is something in it that yells, "hey, dawn made me" on the other hand, it's just pretty jewelry. There has been jewelry since the beginning of time, I just get to be part of that chain. I was featured today on the Bloominglily blog. You can check it out by the link to the right. I haven't totally figured out how to add the link into the text. That's for another day!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday - tried something new

I tried a new stitch after watching a tutorial by
carol on her blog , Fiberlines. You can link to it in the blogs to the right. Check it out and learn something new! She has also added a tutorial on a spiral stitch. That will be tonights project.
This is my Newest piece.


I am so in love with freeform peyote, it just happens
and I don't have to do much planning.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday - still the maid didn't show

so.....I'm cleaning baseboards and floors on my hands and knees.
I did get the front porch painted.

New piece i finished last night.

I named it Key Lime Pie and Lemonade.

The rose quartz beads I found at a flee market
in south Fla. I could just imagine some
little southern lady sipping her lemonade
and fanning a gentle breeze!

I started another beachy looking piece today.
Sort of reminds me of fishing nets. Maybe I'll
finish tonight.
Oh.. It might need a little fish..maybe I can
find a fish bead...
this is how all the good pieces evolve..
we'll see

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday - Where is my maid?

Cleaning today.

Hudson made his arrival on
Friday as scheduled.
Here is the picture of him with
his big brother!

I'm Thinking greens and
Earthtones for my next bead
project. We'll see.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday - Humid - hot - happy to be beading!

I Finally finished a piece I started a while ago.

The name is SUNBURST. This little jewel is Peyote stitch with delicas on a sterling silver frame. Talk about big things coming in small packages!

Today is touch-up painting, post office, drop off goodwill stuff.

Then of course a little beading.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday - The Day of Rest

God knew what He was doing when He
told us to take a day off and rest.

Didn't do any work today.
Went to church and floated
around the pool.

Then wham!!
I got an idea for a necklace
and had to start beading.
I finished one and here it is.


I just got it listed on my Etsy
shop and I've got a similar one in
my head waiting on my fingers to get busy.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sat. june 9th

Well, I didn't drop of the face of the
Earth. We are getting our house ready to
put on the market. We want to move closer
to where the kids go to school.So I've
been finishing a million projects on
our 100 year old house. And of course beading
a little. Breaking news!! Hudson Dean Huey
finally arrived! I held him for about an
hour today. He weighed in at 8lbs and 3 oz.
He is precious and totally perfect
I'll show a picture as soon as I get one.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I went to my friend Sandy's house today and had
the best tea ever. I've got to get some. It was
call 2life. She's really healthy and makes me want
to take better care of myself.
Everyone needs a friend like Sandy.

This is a piece i finished last night.
It is an enhanced lariat, featuring a
chunk of coral. I love this piece.
The colors are so bright and vibrant.

I got the front flower bed redone yesterday.
I'm still pulling splinters out of my hands.

Today will be sanding the floor. Pray it goes fast
and easy. It doesn't sound fun!
I've got a new button to work on.
maybe I'll take a break for a few hours and bead.
Here's to sunny days and good friends

Monday, June 4, 2007

Monday..did something new

Well I made a new piece last night and
I am jumping.. I love what I did.
know the feeling of when it finally works
you get it right
it looks great.
Here it is.
A vintage buttton with
a beaded bezel.
I hung it on a leather strip.
I was looking for the girly girl
look that wears jeans.Will be
listing it on Etsy later today.

Off to salvage the garden.
BTW bought one of those seed bead things
last night that you spin.....
Lets see what transpires using it!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Well I have finally finished the China plate beaded bezel!!
I think that I will probablly just list it on Etsy with a leather cord.
Nothing that I put with it seems to do it justice.
I have a stash of antique buttons that I have started beading around also.
I am having a BALL.
So if you or someone you know has a piece of china that has been broken and you can't part with it. Wedding china, grandmothers china,your childs first bowl... This might be a way to keep it close to your heart. Convo me on Etsy and well get something started.

Fingers crossed and lots of prayers... the house is getting much closer to being ready to put up for sell.Hopefully this week we will see and end to some of the 100 year old house projects.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hot and Hazy days of June

Its hot,
in Georgia..
No better place to be.

This is WOODS AND STREAM necklace
that I just listed on Etsy.
Think cool, bubbling stream,
gentle breeze the smells of a forest.

Happy Saturday.. gotta get to work!