Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Middle of the Week

Well, I totally look like I have some weird skin disease. I painted the back porch and the upstairs porch yesterday with a brick red oil base paint. Needless to say ,I was not very neat when it came to my feet. I guess I can't wear my flip flops in public for a few days! All of the painting is finished!!!YEA!!! Today is clean the house like a maniac day. Hopefully after tomorrow I can actually spend some time beading. I sure miss my daily dose.
This piece I did a while ago.. just rephotographed it. I think that it fits with the beachy summer theme I've got going on.
i did go in and rename some of my jewelry. They weren't coming up on searches and should have. I'll check today.I just think that If you put in the exact title, it should come up!

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