Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday - Almost there

My son Jordan did okay in his tennis tournament this weekend. He didn't win or place but we can see how his game is improving. He will play again this weekend so we'll see how he does then. For those watching the progress, we called the real estate agent and we are set to list on Wednesday afternoon.Still cleaning and doing a few touch up things but man are we close. Were praying that it sells incredibly fast!!We would love to be in a new house before school starts in August.

I just can't seem to help doing these beachy, shell pieces.I must be getting some salt air breezes during the day.( likely chance since we are at least 5 hrs. from the beach) But here is the lastest piece I listed on Etsy today.
It is intitiled " Seaweed Treasures " I wrote a catchy little poem to go with it. You can check it out on my etsy store.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm always lurking here, and I continue to be awed by the beauty of your pieces!

Dawn Chastain said...

Thanks you do wonders yourself with your beaded flowers!