Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday - still the maid didn't show

so.....I'm cleaning baseboards and floors on my hands and knees.
I did get the front porch painted.

New piece i finished last night.

I named it Key Lime Pie and Lemonade.

The rose quartz beads I found at a flee market
in south Fla. I could just imagine some
little southern lady sipping her lemonade
and fanning a gentle breeze!

I started another beachy looking piece today.
Sort of reminds me of fishing nets. Maybe I'll
finish tonight.
Oh.. It might need a little fish..maybe I can
find a fish bead...
this is how all the good pieces evolve..
we'll see


Anna said...

OK, Dawn, just you hire out?! Love your piece and to get all those chores out of the way to boot!

Dawn Chastain said...

lol...that's why I wait till summer break to clean..I hate it! My friend actually had her "lady" clean my house for my birthday!!!I'd have a birthday once a week if it weren't for the wrinkles.