Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Wandering Heart

The current color challenge for the BAO etsy team includes olive green, eggplant, and bronze. The olive green I had no problem with, the eggplant on the other hand puzzled me. I ended up going to the craft store and buying a bottle of "eggplant" paint and then matching my beads to that. I call it purple! But for the sake of the challenge my purple is the exact color of the eggplant paint!

My daughter saw this little saying and liked it so I decided to use it. It is so true, just because you look like you are wandering without out purpose or plan doesn't really mean much. If God is in control of our lives and our plans are His plans...There is a distinct path. Often others can't see it because it is narrow and on small stones instead of wide sidewalk. My heart is not lost, just on the narrow path.

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