Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Morning...

Easter is about life, creation, purpose, passion, enthusiasm.
It is about being, about living, not giving up or settling.
It is about always trying.
It is about being who you were created to be and savoring the reality of knowing that there is no one else like you!!
My goal on friday was to make a necklace with the beads shown below. This baby took a mind of its own. I thought I had the thing finished just using 2 colors of pink and 1 color of green seed beads. When I went to hang it on some type of necklace, nothing looked right. It was too prissy to wear with jeans or a t-shirt. I think that a necklace should be able to be worn dressy and casual, the same piece. SO out came the brown and this evolved... I love it ..hope you do. While this was progressing the second necklace hatched out of my head and I had to do it really fast before I forgot it. Many of the same colors but a totally different look and feel. I'll list them on my shop site this evening. Have a blessed and creative day, dawn


Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

I love the colors Dawn, a truly artistic process in my mind, starting out one way and ending up another. I too feel that a necklace should be worn - with whatever you wish - I will wear the most outrageously stunning piece with jeans and a t-shirt and feel fabulous.

Love the green, brown and pinks.

Thanks for the add.

Keep in touch.

Anna said...

So pretty! Love the colors! Thanks for adding me to your links. I will add your blog to mine as well!