Sunday, September 2, 2007


I think that Fall is finally here! The air feels different, along with the temperature being lower. I enjoy gradual change. It is good and not to painful! Its the fast stuff that scares me.

I recently read a book, actually in one day! "90 minutes in Heaven" It was incredible. I am a Christian and believe in heaven and that I'm going there but this was a wonderful book to describe it. The part that was also interesting was the fact that God sent this man back to earth to live in pain and to suffer after he had been whole in heaven. The guy's revelation that he had purpose even in pain was remarkable. It puts the bad things of life in a better category for me. Not so much answered but in the categories or files in my mind - it goes to a safer place not the its not fair folder.

Now for lighter brighter, Newest from my fingers of creativity is the brilliant butterfly.
This was in my head before the August nights challenge came out and I couldn't make it fit the theme!!
The September beadweavers theme is "show your colors" I am already having tons of ideas pop into my head!!!
If you're a beadweaver and want to join us on Etsy for the challenge we'd love to have you.
Happy Labor day!!


Menagerie said...

This necklace is beautiful. I love the colors.

Dawn Chastain said...

Thanks, it was so fun to do, I went looking for table weights today!!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Stunning butterfly necklace!

Thanks for sharing about the book--I'll definitely check it out.