Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Mind Of Its Own

I'm not sure about other beaders, but my beads have a mind of their own. I started out with these pink and green beads which were to be a peyote stitch choker with a cherry quartz in the center. The beads turned themselves every which -a -way and said they wanted to be a freeform piece. Something that could be worn on a breezey summer night, with a flowing dress and flip flops. Man those beads are pushy!! This is what they were meant to be.


Melody said...

Dawn, that's lovely!

Anonymous said...
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triz said...

very pretty!

Kerrie said...

Hi Dawn;

I love that pretty pink and green combo - just like the cherry blossom and new green leaves in my garden at the moment!

Admired your Flickr foxgloves too ;-) ;-)

Kerrie x

Regal Beads said...

This is an amazing colour combination!

beccieblossom said...

I love pink and green together! Just beautiful!