Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to the Beginning

Way back when, I'm not so sure how long ago,
I finally figured out how to do the Peyote stitch by doing beaded beads.
I created a great necklace with 3 large beaded beads, then attached them to other glass and vintage beads with wiring.
Mom loved it, my brother and sister in law bought it for her, my cousin saw I'm doing another.
Actually it is finished, photographs to prove it!
I surprized myself that I was faster and neater than on the other necklace.
It was a nice little surprize to my self that I had progressed.
Now if I could every get RAW, or right angle weave as they call it. It has simply alluded me!!
Jordan is at GA Tech this week for tennis camp. He is LOVING it!


Melody said...

I love this necklace- so bright and cheerful.

Dawn Chastain said...

Thanks, I fell in love with it also. Oneday when I have nothing else to do,I'll do one for myself.

retrothreads said...

You have such a great color sense. Plus I love the variety of textures.

H.Kincaid-Jewelry Artist said...

Love it! I just want to eat it. It reminds me of fruit with all the tropical colors. Very fun for spring and summer.