Friday, March 12, 2010

Turquiose and Royal Challenge goes CRAZY

Okay, I have to admit every now and then I get a little competitive. Not on things like running races or other athletic things that I know that I can't do. BUT.... beading challenges, color challenges or someone trying to pass me at the gym while I'm walking my 3 miles, Now that's a whole different matter!

I love when there a certain few people walking on the track that have longer legs and have a naturally faster pace. Mr. Boxer is what I've named one man. He looks like a boxer so that is how I have named him. I can't keep up with him but it defiantly is a challenge and in the process is good for my weight loss and healthy heart.

Another challenge is the color challenges that the BAO team throws out for us. I don't think that they are really challenges as much as a color scheme for the mosaics. I take it as a challenge to do a new piece in those colors.

The latest was Turquoise and Royal Blue. I finished the first piece. A tasseled asymmetric necklace, and before I knew it two more pieces were started in the same colors. Here is where I am so far.

Happy Weekend!

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