Saturday, April 17, 2010

Time Flies

I can't believe the time! It seems to be in overtime. Life is moving so fast I think because of the age of my children. My daughter is a senior in highschool and will be graduating in 6 weeks!! I can't believe it.

My mind also works in overdrive and my hands and body can't keep up.Every where I go, I see ideas and color combintions of bead work and jewelry to make and just don't have enough free time to create all of these things.

On the other hand I did get a great new project finished that I want to share with you. I named it "Time for purple rain".Every time I hear the word purple you guessed it, I think of the Prince song. This pendant was created by using bead embroidery around an antique clock face photograph. I just love the vintage new combination.

The Bead Art Original team on Etsy is one amazing group of artists. This is a glimps of some of the featured items for this week.

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