Saturday, October 13, 2007

October Challenge - Etsy Beadweavers

As Many of you know the Etsy street team of Beadweavers has started a creative challenge. It is all in fun and a try to get more exposure for our shops and our art form.

As the September pieces were displayed for voting I realized that we are truly an international team. I knew then that the seasonal changes that we are going through here in the south of US, is not a world wide occurrence and would not, more than likely, be a factor as the challenge for this month was issued.

In my creative head I had this wonderful , fall colored cuff designed( I Just knew the theme would have something to do with fall splendor!!)

The Incredible Helena from Singapore won!!!

I don't think the leaves are changing color in Singapore and the Pumpkins are not being carved because the theme she gave was MONOCHROMATIC!

After a brief second of - oh the beautiful changing colors leaf cuff - I thought I did a lot in monochromatic colors.BUT, After a closer look at finished pieces and Bead mixes that I had lovingly created, I realized that I add either silver or gold to EVERYTHING I make just so I could wear my gold or silver hoops with it.( most of the time I create a piece thinking that if I don't sell it in a reasonable amount of time I will keep it and wear it myself, hence the gold or silver thread)

I now have started over 3 times, but am well on my way to finishing my piece.

It is monochromatic, it does not have gold or silver added!

I think that it will be lovely, these are some pictures of the progress.....

Thank you Helena for making me stretch and grow!


Wolf said...

are you refering to my early autumn leaves cuff?}:P

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

WOW Dawn.. your necklace is something else.

The Manek Lady said...


You are so right. Leaves are not turning autumn gold and we don't have Halloween here.

Your entry is looking great though. I know what you mean about gold and silver. It appears in a lot of my pieces too.

Helena aka The Manek Lady

enso said...

this is shaping up to be amazing, can't wait to see it!