Sunday, August 5, 2007

IT'S OVER! summer break that is....

We officially start back to school in 12 hours!
Needless to say it has been a crazy week getting the room ready, meeting the kids, getting my teenagers ready, keeping the house clean so that real estate agents can show it!!
I am ready to get started though. I love the new beginning, a fresh set of kids, I even bought me some new pens and folders!
Hopefully we'll feel fall in the air soon, it is stifling HOT.
The thing that I'll miss most is the time that I won't get to bead, blog, list and promote!! I'll just have to fit everything into the little available slots I guess.

This is one of my newest necklaces. It is one of the Knots that I love to do in Free form Peyote. This one is more horizontal than vertical. The colors are a yummy pink,light olive, taupe and burgandy!

Here is to a great school Year.

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