Thursday, August 23, 2007

Something cool..

Just finished a Sweet little knot necklace.
This one was stitched in a free form Peyote stitch which I let ruffle a lot before attaching the focal beds. The colors are a great matte earth tone mix.One of the Focal beads is a soft blue green ceramic bead, the other is a vintage Lucite bead. it has "cracks" on the inside which really catch the light and sparkle.

The bad thing about these one of a kind pieces is that I really don't have more beads just like it to do one for myself.

The Etsy beadweavers group is starting a month challenge. We will get a theme, and them create a piece that goes along. This months theme is "Hot August Nights". I am struggling to come up with an idea! It is so hot here at night we don't want to do anything!!!
Stay tuned in to see what I decided to do.

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