Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to You!

It happens every year. And, its a good thing, otherwise we'd be dead, BUT ....
Man my kids are growing up SO fast!!
Jordan had his 15th birthday last week.
Of course we have been celebrating for a week,
Everything we do he says "I get to choose, I'm the birthday boy"
the thing that is so crazy with him is that he is growing so tall!
I'm really short, Keith is Average height but my grandaddy and Keith's grandad were both 6 ft. I've got several uncles that are tall and one of my brothers got that tall gene.
So, were looking for a little height here for the tennis game.

I've just finished the most adorable necklace.
It has 3 beaded beads.
Then it has 4 vintage flower pom pom things made out of rick rack!
Straight from Mayberry!!
My friend Natalie found them for me and they were too cool not to use.
This is all linked together with silver tone chain.


Anna said...

I know what you mean about growing up so "baby" turned 16 in February and we're getting ready for her to take her driver's test! My oldest is a sophomore in college now...when did this happen? :)

Dawn Chastain said...

i know it happens so fast! College is right around the corner as Taylor will be a jr. in high school this year!!

Regal Beads said...

Firstly, is that a new banner, or have I just never noticed it, or been here to your blog in a very long time (sorry, that ran on!!!).

Secondly, my brothers are the same w/ the height thing. I have an 11 year old bro who is about the same height as me (I'm 5'8"). My parents aren't tall but it runs in the fam as well ;).

Lastly, that necklace is amazing!!!!!!!!!