Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 1 - Summer time at its best

I love summer!
Could be because I was born and have lived my whole life in the south.
The sounds are different,
there is nothing like hearing those crickets and cicadas.
the smells are different,
grill out anyone?
fresh cut grass,
chlorine from the pool!
My summer has been filled with beading,
working in the yard a little,
and keeping the tennis player on his game!!

Here are pictures of Jordan at GA TECH for tennis camp.
Wilson trying to stay cool in my flower beds.
The newest beaded pendant.


Regal Beads said...

ahh, the south...
funny: I don't think my thermometer has reset to northern living yet. My dh will be sweating up a storm and I tell him "it's not hot"! lol

thebeadedlily said...

Love the pendant!

Smadar's Treasure said...

Gorgeous pendant! Love the colors.


Dawn Chastain said...

Thanks guys! Smadar, I get tons of traffic from your blog, Thanks!!