Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday - Its hard to bead if you're blowing your nose!

What a day yesterday turned out to be! I was virtually by myself for several hours (In bead talk that means bead,bead,bead!) and I spent most of the time blowing my nose. I didn't feel bad enough to go to bead, but sure hindered my progress of finishing a project a day. Another thing that complicated the story was the fact that I had guidelines. The BAO team (Bead Art Originals) has a color mosaic that they put on the blog.The next color scheme is shades of green and silver. Well I do color mixes very well. I love what I call "bead soup", a little of this , a little of that and a lot more of one color. I decided for my project not to do the soup thing, just stick to one color in varying sizes and silver. Oh My Gosh!!I ripped out this thing at least 10 times!! I'm surprised that there isn't a hole in the base.I will get it though, I am determined.The peyote stitch bezel is finished around the cabochon, which is the word danced,dancing from an antique dictionary.

On happier notes the BAO Item of the Week Mosaic is out. Take a look and drool over the creations, then visit the respective Etsy shops and purchase these Treasures and keep for your own.Most have great deals on these pieces.

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