Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Morning

My Goal for this week, being out of school for mid winter break is to create a new piece each day.I'm not sure that I can do that but I am at least striving for that and being creative. I have finished the "joy" pendant that actually started with the Herringbone stitch project. I was pleased with the results. I especially liked the silver 15's around the edge. It gave the rather heavy piece a lacy feel.

In my quest to make sure I didn't forget how to do freeform Peyote I made myself a bracelet. This is the finished result. I think this will get worn many times. I have also started 2 other bracelets. I love the way this bracelet looks mainly aqua but when you look really close there are colors of every kind in it.

We've been watching the Olympics every day. It is amazing to me what some of these athletes go through to master their respective sport. So often we don't see the coaches, mom's, dad's, brothers and sisters behind the scenes. It truly is a family commitment also. The whole family is a winner as they sacrifice, and struggle with the athletes. So, Here is my shout out to all the families that stand behind their athlete in the shadows of triumph.

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GraceBeading said...

Oh so pretty, love those colors!