Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednsdays Project

As I am on my quest to "finish" (that is a key word since I can draw out and lay out a trillion projects a day) a project each day, I decided to revisit my old roots. I LOVE tassels.Did you catch the all caps there? Yes, I love tassels because they move, they swing and sometimes even make noise!! As part of my renewed bead energy I have learned the Tubular Herringbone stitch. That was to be the start of this new tassel necklace. Then came the adding of colors. About a year ago I did five bridesmaid pieces for a customer, each was different but used the same beads. The colors were mango and hot pink. I fell in love with the combination and decided that this was to be the colors of choice for Tassel number one. oops, you might can tell that there are several other tassel projects laid out on the counter! I finished and have to admit, I love it. The necklace consists of the Herringbone tube,sterling bead caps and toggle. The stone used on the tassel didn't have a name so I don't know what it is, really who cares as long as the color is good!I am trying another today, but am going to change the format of the tassel. I found a broken tassel Christmas ornament while cleaning out a drawer and the tassel was created off of one main strand. I think that I'll try it today.

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